Just Three Formulations Are Worth Your Money. One Is Clearly the Best.

If you care about brain health, you may know already that taking daily curcumin may be the single best diet decision you can make. Since 2005 I’ve been taking it myself, to prevent memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and other…

Thoughts on Demographics, Naming, Branding, and STEM Compression.

What will we call the kids after Gen Z (late 1990s to late 2010’s)?

Turns out its Generation Alpha. Several futurists and demographers have been using this phrase to describe the next crop of kids (born from 2010–2025) for over a decade…

The Dangers of Generational Foresight

This is an excerpt from my book, The Foresight Guide, free online at . The Guide intros the field of professional foresight, and offers a Big Picture view of our accelerating 21st century future.

Sinek, (YouTube, 13 min, 2017). It is easy to think like Sinek about millennials. Easy and wrong.

For an example of audience bias, generational stereotyping, and cause misattribution, see the 13min YouTube video…

John Smart

CEO, Foresight University. Author, The Foresight Guide.

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