Just Three Formulations Are Worth Your Money. One Is Clearly the Best.

If you care about brain health, you may know already that taking daily curcumin may be the single best diet decision you can make. Since 2005 I’ve been taking it myself, to prevent memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases. I’ve explored curcumin’s many benefits extensively online here.

You may have also heard that there are wildly different absorption rates and costs of different formulations. …

On Nov 19, California Congressman Tom McClintock (R) delivered a speech on the House floor. “In Defense of Governor Newsom” (transcript here) is a sharp, ironic 5 min piece, calling out the moral lapse of CA governor Gavin Newsom in having dinner with friends at a restaurant, violating his own edict against large gatherings. A commentable version of his video is below (McClintock’s team also uploaded it to YouTube, but they chose not to enable public comments — sad). …

Thoughts on Demographics, Naming, Branding, and STEM Compression.

What will we call the kids after Gen Z (late 1990s to late 2010’s)?

Turns out its Generation Alpha. Several futurists and demographers have been using this phrase to describe the next crop of kids (born from 2010–2025) for over a decade now. My kids (born 2015 and 2019) are alphas.

This name is obvious in retrospect when we realize restarting the count, using Greek letters this time, is the simplest and easiest naming convention. Wikipedia’s Generation Alpha page says foresight consultant Mark McCrindle coined this name in print in 2008. …

Note: This is one of my more speculative posts, about events I expect to occur in in last few decades of this amazing century. Nevertheless, it has implications today, so perhaps you’ll find it worth a skim. As always, let me know what you think, here or privately at john@foresightu.com. Thanks.

When we presently die, many of us realize that most of our unique self, including, for most of us, the majority of our unique experiences, ideas, values, goals, and personality, currently dies with us. That can be a traumatic realization.

But consider that once we have personal AIs (aka…

A Wiser Worldview, for a More Foresighted and Effective Life

This is a great book. It’s one of the most enjoyable and informative I’ve read in the last twenty years, and I read a lot. To get it, here’s an Amazon link.

The Fourth Age, by the accomplished tech entrepreneur and futurist Byron Reese, offers a deep understanding of human history, a superb vision for where we are going as a species, and clear view of the forces causing technological disruption and opportunity, and the rise of platforms, AI and automation (and soon, robotics) that we see all around us today.

In a world of accelerating change, good leaders need…

Here is a great question to ask any futurist or foresighter: What have you changed your mind about in recent years? In 2014, I didn’t think drones for commuting and cargo deliveries were going to arrive anywhere in the world within ten years, or by 2025. The challenges seemed too daunting, and the investments and competition in the space just too small to make a difference. Since then, I’ve come to realize I was wrong. If I’d been paying closer attention to the enabling technology trends, I would have changed my mind. The US, China, Dubai, and Israel are all…

The Dangers of Generational Foresight

This is an excerpt from my book, The Foresight Guide, free online at ForesightGuide.com. The Guide intros the field of professional foresight, and offers a Big Picture view of our accelerating 21st century future.

Sinek, Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness (YouTube, 13 min, 2017). It is easy to think like Sinek about millennials. Easy and wrong.

For an example of audience bias, generational stereotyping, and cause misattribution, see the 13min YouTube video Millennials in the Workforce: A Generation of Weakness, 2017 by the author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek. I’ve praised his work in Chapter 3, in Why & What vs. How, Who, Where & When, but here Sinek is guilty of offering a facile (tidy, superficial, and wrong) overgeneralization of millennials…

Reality vs Hype in Two Foundational New Technologies

Part 1 — Bitcoins, A Real Future
Part 2 —
Blockchain Hype, Mania and Scams
Part 3 — Regulatory Needs, and Promising Startups (this page)

We Need Better Regulation of Bitcoins and Blockchain ICOs

While most bitcoins are majority crowd-owned, there seems to be a continuum of governance models, far too little transparency, and as of yet no easy-to-understand Federal disclosure requirements. …

Reality vs Hype in Two Foundational New Technologies

Part 1 — Bitcoins, A Real Future
Part 2 — Blockchain Hype, Mania and Scams (this page)
Part 3 — Regulatory Needs, and Promising Startups

[Note: A earlier version of this part was first published July 20]


  • The blockchain (distributed ledgers, tamper-resistant transparent transaction databases) will certainly see piecemeal new uses in the next decade. This technology started with bitcoins, and is being being experimented with by banks and other industries today.
  • These groups are trying out their own private versions, to enable useful new functions like consensus modification of the ledger. …

Reality vs Hype in Two Foundational New Technologies

Part 1 — Bitcoins, A Real Future (this page)
Part 2 —
Blockchain Hype, Mania and Scams
Part 3 —
Regulatory Needs, and Promising Startups


· I am bullish with respect to bitcoins, and I expect much less to come from most other blockchain startups over the next five years.

· I recommend that you get into bitcoins now as a minor speculative investment, as you can financially benefit from holding and using them today.

· I also recommend you avoid almost all non-bitcoin blockchain ICOs, and be very skeptical regarding their near-term future. …

John Smart

CEO, Foresight University. Author, The Foresight Guide.

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