Beautiful piece Kevin. Thanks for sharing those details of your father, and his recent passing. It helped me understand you and think about how keeping our loved ones around, past and present, is such a conscious choice.

I’ve never seen the I*mortal word variation before. It really captures who we are today, immortal minds in mortal bodies, and the constant tension between the two.

I also think Love is the key word to go with that phrase. Love and empathy are the great connector of everything that has a mind, as I see it. They’re the reason everything works, fights against disorder, and gets better.

Have you thought of doing a book with the title of this post? I think it would really help a lot of people dealing with loss, and thinking about the future. There are so many beautiful thoughts and pictures you could share. May not be of interest, but it just came to mind as I read this piece.

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CEO, Foresight University. Author, The Foresight Guide.

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