Fantastic piece Jordan, as usual. The world our children today are being born into will be staggeringly faster and more powerful. I think we need to recognize it will also be staggeringly more collectively intelligent.

I think we should call them #GenerationAlpha. They’re the first who’ll have real superpowers, including Personal Sims, the most valuable new superpower I can imagine for growing collective intelligence.

From my perspective, five types/goals of collective intelligence seem tobe baked into all adaptive systems. Our great challenge is seeing and aiding these natural processes, as best we can.

I expect that this coming generation will have a lot more of these types of intelligence. The central type of intelligence that I think is rapidly scaling today is interdependence (morality, empathy, ethics). Plutocratic media and recent regressions aside, today’s kids seem vastly more interdependent, ethical, and global than any generation before them. I can’t wait to see them empowered by their own personal AIs (personal sims), many of whom will build and control these themselves (open source is already the largest code base on the planet). Keep up the great work bud.

CEO, Foresight University. Author, The Foresight Guide.

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