Giulio! Thanks for this lovely post on the TH, and that new theoretical work on black hole computing. I share many of your thoughts on the nature of evolutionary development. We have always ventured outward a bit into "next adjacent" space as we've dived further into inner space in human history. An open question is how far out "next adjacent" space will be for us, beyond Earth. I don't think we'll ever leave our Solar System, as I propose info theory will soon tell us it is actually unethical to do so. I think cosmic colonization or beacon-sending (one-way info flow) would provably reduce the diversity of all the intelligent and non-Godlike (computationally incomplete) cosmic life that we may soon meet instead by venturing into inner space, leaving the observable universe. Just as we have ~8B unique and computationally incomplete minds all using two-way information exchange to better understand and improve reality on Earth, I think future civilizations will be equally non-Godlike, and they will want to compare and contrast the unique things they've learned prior to creating the next U, or doing something else we can't yet imagine. We shall see, as they say.

For readers, here's a link to the 2008 book chapter, Evo Devo Universe? that Giulio mentions:

Here is a free link to my newest work on Universal Evolutionary Development and the TH, published in Evolution, Development, and Complexity, Springer 2019.,_ED)

Thanks again for this fascinating and insightful work. I'm looking forward to reading your book!

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