Great job with this Mark. Kudos for covering Paritosh’s perspective as well. In the future I’d love to see you combine this excellent work with the recognition that a universal basic income (UBI), what I call “taxing the machines” — a social tax on the use of advanced tech, which seems even fairer and more appropriate than broadly taxing high income folks and corporations — is socially inevitable as automation scales.

In the UBI world, Paritosh’s comment that we’ll get “ever more interesting and well paid work” via these platforms turns into “even more interesting and socially valuable work”. That allows our smart agents to guide us simply to more satisfying and purpose-driven work, irrespective of income (satisfying according to our own ratings in each engagement). This moves his view from “utopian” to “protopian”, a measurably better, high- probability future.

Once what I call the valuecosm (a values-mapped web and social networks) emerges, your agents on these platforms can guide you to the 10 people in your neighborhood, or the world, that you can most intensively help, irrespective of income. You’ll rate the interestingness of this micropaid or free social engagement work during and after each engagement.

This solves another huge and typically ignored problem — what older folks are going to do as this acceleration continues. Everyone needs purpose-filled lives, particularly those who feel marginalized, like many of our elderly, which means they need an opportunity to intensively help other people, using their life wisdom and skills. Not only are youth stressed today in finding jobs, many older folks live lives of quiet desperation, feeling increasingly irrelevant to society, even though they have deep experience in various specific areas and thus can optimally help less-experienced people in a variety of specific engagements.

These future deep learning-backed crowdwork systems will help us solve the really important social issue of what do with people in the remaining decades before humans merge mentally with (and become) their machines. If you’d like more on how I think all that will likely transpire, from my perspective as a futurist, see my Smart Agents Series here on Medium, Your Personal Sim.

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CEO, Foresight University. Author, The Foresight Guide.

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