I share that intuition. One can imagine that we will build future black hole civilizations fully intentionally and rationally, as an evolutionary choice, but it is also possible also that we will be guided into building them, as a developmental process, by the very nature of universal physics and informatics, because it appears to be such a deeply positive sum game for leading complex systems to go further into inner space.

Consider how human consciousness is the ultimate biological form of virtual inner space on Earth at present, and biology achieved that by creating the most complex and dense structures in physical inner space (86 billion neurons, 100 trillion unique connections, in the space of a few cubic feet). It seems to me that we want a lot more consciousness in the future, and densifying and miniaturizing our complexity may be the only easy way to do that. If so, densification of leading complex systems may be as much universe guided as it is chosen.

What's more, Lee Smolin may be right, in his model of cosmological natural selection, that black holes themselves replicate to create new universes. Thus just as there is an ecology of autopoetic systems (self replicators) on Earth, with most being very simple in intelligence (bacteria), there may be an ecology of black holes in our universe, with most being very simple in intelligence (replicators like bacteria) and a few being advanced intelligences, in which black holes were "built" (to use your language) by conscious engineers, future descendants of life forms like us, all across our universe. I presently suspect that all interesting intelligence, anywhere, has to be autopoetic, including our universe, which may have begun as a simple replicator a long time ago. We shall see, as they say!

Thanks for your work.

CEO, Foresight University. Author, The Foresight Guide.

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